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Skeptical? Then Look Closer!Friday 23rd October 2009 RowingVoice online rowing magazine vol 3 issue 8 now outWith a weirdly Hallowe’en style dress code, the Vancouver Winter Olympics torch relay began in Canada over the weekend”150 entries were received in the first 12 hours so competitors are advised to hurry up or risk missing out”, say the organisersAnd more tragedy (UK) – Kingswear rowing and sailing club member Peter Smith died before Christmas


The boat ID was of the form CURxxxThis is the first time that the adaptive crews have also been recognisedAlumni of Bath University Boat Club (UK) are invited to a Pimms and strawberries reunion party at 3pm on Saturday 3rd July in Green FieldI know that nature would not have as strong a need for reproduction (replacement of bodies) in the afterlife as it does on the more rough places like Earth because of the longevity (many, many centuries before becoming “causal”) of its inhabitants and the extremely benign and beautiful environments that the souls enjoy so muchPlasma Metaphysics – Amazing scientific speculations about the existence of dark matter, subtle bodies, and the heavenly spheres between the earth and moonBefore the merge, in order to get to know each other better, the tribes would spend the day following the Immunity Challenge together in the Blue Lagoon


The deadline for submissions is 5pm BST on Friday 16th October 2009Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October, time 9am-10:30am, at Thames Rowing Club on Putney EmbankmentHowever, whenever two-way conversations were achieved, naturally I followed with great interest all those experiments! One can read and see schematics of how the experiments were carried out and read about the history of all the different methods used to try to establish two-way communication, and one can see that much serious work has been carried out for decades with scientists from both sidesThe Northern Rowing Council AGM (UK) will be held on Tuesday 17th November at Chester le Street, time 7:30pm (light buffet from 7pm), including the annual election of officersSo don’t send me your file unless you have a good reason (no website, inactive webmaster, urgent news) why you can’t host the file yourselfTwo divisions at 11am and 2pm; Head of the Lake prizes, open to juniors and mastersFor more information on group souls from listen hereFriday 2nd April 2010 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR TIDEWAY USERS (UK) The PLA has dragged three of the navigation buoys the Black Lion buoy (red), Lep buoy (green) and Duke’s Meadows buoy (green) right in to the bank in case the Boat Race coxes might need to steer in that region during tomorrow’s race


The website becomes though the old name (and also will bounce to the new addressShe and AndyK were tied for the hamper prize, and a random draw by Regatta Radio founder Adrian Morris threw up her nameAmazingly, one need not even have to depend on a partner for this experience, and still experience this intense love for all humanity and as a result gradually transcend into ever higher and higher spheres of almost infinite beauty and loveMain speakers: Tom Weil on the Mothers of Invention; Gail McGarva on building Cornish gigs, John Beresford on his father Jack and his grandfather Julius; Bill Miller on the crazy world of rowing patents, plus Rob van Mesdag on Venetians; Felix d’Haeselee on Belgians at Henley50See website for moreEntries close at 9pm on 22nd April at the latest, but probably before if they reach maximum capacity before thatThe website is at voice.rowingservice.comSaturday 14th November 2009 Fours Head cancelled (UK) bcfaf6891f

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